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Stylish Air Fryer With Digital Display


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– Unleash culinary mastery with our 1200W 4Qt Air Fryer, ensuring swift and consistent results for quick preparation of crispy, delightful meals.
– Elevate your cooking experience with Cook with Color’s glass frying basket. Maximize efficiency, explore culinary possibilities, and enjoy even heat distribution for consistently delicious results.
– The intuitive digital touch display guarantees easy control, while dishwasher-safe components ensure a seamless cleanup process, saving time and effort in the kitchen for a breeze during every cooking session.
– The transparent glass allows you to monitor food progress and promotes health-conscious cooking without compromising taste. Explore effortless meal preparation with our air fryer’s digital touch display featuring 6 presets.
– Product Dimensions: 29.48 x 22.50 x 31.49 cm; 4.30 kg.


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