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Electric Air Fryer With Large Basket


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– This countertop air fryer is compact, sized for any kitchen and makes cooking healthy for your family a breeze. The small size is ideal for storage, but the large capacity basket fits family-size servings and even a whole chicken.
– This small air fryer doesn’t take up much room in a kitchen or dorm but has plenty of surface area inside the PTFE nonstick basket for food. The large size basket means your vegetables and frozen treats like French fries are more crisp, faster.
– Healthy food doesn’t have to take hours. Whether you’re in between activities after school or just short on time, with this air cooker oven, you can fry, roast, bake, crisp and more in minutes.
– It uses air crisp technology instead of oil to cook veggies, frozen foods and more, reducing added fat by 70-80%. It’s a must-have mini kitchen appliance for families and the black air fryer looks great, too.
– Product Dimensions: 27.43 x 34.29 x 32.76 cm; 4.53 kg.


Mint Green, Black


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